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Re: [Debconf-team] Final report from debconf 6?

On 10945 March 1977, Peter Nuttall wrote:

> * ganneff has offered to set up an SVN repo for the report, this
> afternoon or tonight. 

Done yesterday evening. Its setup in a way that we keep it for all
future reports. Will hopefully make it easier to reuse stuff.

https://svn.debconf.org/svn/reports/ is its url. Anonymous checkout
possible, commit not. :)

If someone else wants commit access: ask me. Currently Pete, Gunnar and
myself have access. But if you only plan to write one chapter and dont want
to bother with svn - just write it and send it to report@debconf.org.
That will always reach those who have write access, who can then commit
it for you.

Which means - yes, even if you only have one simple paragraph or
something small - send it in. Not much work, we do the work for you. :)

> * Write in docbook, have some build process to get
> pdf/ps/html/whatever. Coordinate with SVN. If you are writing a bit,
> there is no need to write docbook or have write access to svn,
> I/someone else can sort it out. 

That changed a bit, we take LaTeX now.
Before you run away, crying: You dont need to know any LaTeX to
help. You can just submit plain text and we transform it to LaTeX.

In svn there is a template.tex, that shows how to prepare a whole
section. Its pre-filled with everything you need[1], and if you just
replace my placeholders you will end up submitting something that fits
in the whole report. You only need to \include{filename} it into
dc6-report.tex to activate it.

If you check it out you will also notice a bunch of other helping
files. README helps to understand it, but basically - run make to
generate the pdf output. It will take care of everything needed,
including the multiple reruns LaTeX needs to get the Table of Contents

> * number would be good. 

Gunnar has access to the comas database from DC6, so can take numbers of
that part.

I prepared a basic layout already, more to follow. Including pictures, i
take a look at that now.

bye Joerg
SUSE = Soll Unix Sein, Eigentlich.

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