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Re: [Debconf-team] Final report from debconf 6?

Peter Nuttall dijo [Thu, Mar 01, 2007 at 02:31:50PM +0000]:
> Hello!
> Been talking to people about a report, and its clear one ought to be
> written. The fact a sponsor is asking for it is just serving as a nice
> kick in the arse ;-). I seem to be trying to orginise it, but if an
> actual dc6 person could, that would be wonderful. Felipe, do you want
> to take the lead?
> progress so far:
> * ganneff has offered to set up an SVN repo for the report, this
> afternoon or tonight. 
> * aj has offered a "bits from the dpl" section, in the manner of
> Branden's one in the dc5 report. 
> * I'm trying to find someone from the video team, currently holger, to
> write a bit about that side of things.
> the plan:
> * write a report in size / standard between the dc5[0] and dc6[1] reports.
> * Write in docbook, have some build process to get
> pdf/ps/html/whatever. Coordinate with SVN. If you are writing a bit,
> there is no need to write docbook or have write access to svn,
> I/someone else can sort it out. 
> (...)

Yes, I completely agree: We cannot just sit on this anymore. We have
to produce it :)

I favor DC5's format to DC4's - Firstly, it is written targetted to a
more serious audience (i.e. it's a nice document to show to potential
sponsors), including a general description of the conference and the
project for the uninitiated. DC4's seems to be written for inside
consumption. Secondly, DC4's has some data that should not be made
_that_ public, such as the complete list of attendees/emails. We need
a list of topics to write on, and a list of people to actually write
them ;-) - So, taking from DC5's:

1- General introduction about Debconf
2- Words from the DPL
3- Words from the local organization (L-A, not Debconf's)
4- About DebianDay
5- Our inner processes
6- Organising the talks
7- Video team (DC5's has two smaller parts - technical and social)
8- The infrastructure we had
9- About the GPG signing party 
10- Personal impressions by prominent/visible attendees
11- About the final report
12- Numbers: Statistics about the nature of attendees, the amounts of
    money spent on different areas, the attendance for each of the
    talks, etc.
13- List of sponsors

So... Who gets to write what? What should be preserved from that, what
should be dropped? If we want to get it done fast, we might have to
drop some things - It took Fabbe some time to get it compiled and
beautified! Of course, we need an editor for this. I think we could
probably lose 5, part of 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 - Of course, if we have them,
much better :)

So... Any takers? We could ask locals (i.e. Gigio) to write some parts,
such as 3, as I dragged him into involvedness into Debconf (and
Debian!) because his company is part of AMESOL. I can take 12,
probably 5. I think we should ask Tolimar for 6. What else? I could do
1, but I'd rather leave it for somebody with a bit more time to devote
_today_ - and who is _today_ more involved. I could talk for days
about what we learnt when organizing DC6, but hey, I want this to
motivate sponsors, not to show them how I hated to be burnt out ;-)

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