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Re: [Debconf-team] Final report from debconf 6?

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On 02/28/2007 06:32 PM, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> A big repeat sponsor is preparing to give us money for this year, but
> would like to see a copy of the debconf 6 final report. At the moment,
> they only have it for debconf 5. Where can we grab a copy from?

	Right now? We can't grab a copy.

	Gunnar has the Finantial Report ready for some time but we
didn't prepare the DC6 Final Report, mainly because of lack of
information and then because a lot of time have passed.

	A few weeks ago I pinged our list and that's the last report,
probably would need some effort to get a Final Report ready let's say
in the next days (2 weeks?).

	Not sure how we can work on that. I have some ideas of each
one of us writing a couple of paragraphs about our own impressions,
but it still needs coordination (and actually, will require that
people wrote their paragraphs). It is a way to share the load.

	Kind regards,

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