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Re: [Debconf-team] Question about accessibility

"Margarita Manterola" <margamanterola@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi!
> On 1/8/07, Otavio Salvador <otavio@debian.org> wrote:
>> Usually disabled people has problems to take a bus when coming to a
>> city because the volume of ludge they bring together. You all probably
>> remember how many ludges volumes I bring every Debconf with me.
> Yes, but this is not a public bus transport.  This is a special bus,
> to go from the airport to the venue.  It's a bus that is expected to
> have space for baggages and stuff.

Yes. The problem for some disabled people is to carry all the lugage

Depending of your phisical problem you can need special
equipaments. This is my personal case.

> I contacted them, to know how accessible they are, and they said that
> they are used to taking people with wheel-chairs.  But is it ok for
> you to get out of the chair for the trip?  Or do you need the kind of
> buses that allow you to stay in the chair inside the bus? (we have
> some of those in Argentina).

It's not a good option to get out of chair for the trip. It's possible
but it can be very difficult depending of who will help the disabled
person, the car or bus and like. It's very likelly to stay on the
chair since is better to everyone.

>> Is difficuilt to go to a bus with that. Usually a taxi is a best option.
> Well, the same company that manages the buses also has a taxi, a
> minivan (12 people) and a van (20 people) option, so I guess that
> there will be an option that will be ok. Obviously the less people
> that go in the transport, the more expensive that the trip is
> per-person.

Right but depending of the van it can be possible or not. On Mexico
the van worked but wasn't really prepared for disabled people and
depending of transport laws it can be problematic or not.

>> > I'm not sure which would be more accessible, we would need to
>> > investigate both to find out.  The train service still works, and is
>> > cheaper than the bus. However, to go to Mar del Plata, you'd still
>> > need to take a bus to the train station and wait there for the train.
>> > It seems to me that a direct trip from the airport to the hotel is
>> > more comfortable (less waits).
>> By plane again?
> As explained in the webpage, to go to Mar del Plata by plane, you need
> to switch airports.  Buenos Aires has an International Airport which
> is 45 minutes (by car / bus) away from the Domestic Airport.
> Going by plane means: arrive at the international airport, take a
> car/bus to the domestic airport, wait, take a plane, take a car/bus to
> the hotel.  With the waiting and the taking of cars/buses, the final
> duration of the whole trip wouldn't be much less than just taking the
> bus from the International Airport, and you would be jumping from one
> thing to the other, which does not seem very comfortable to me.

Yes. I agree with you that depending of the way it's going to happen
it can be easy to get a van/bug/whatever and go directly by car.

That's what I'm trying to understand and get the whole figure to see
what could be easier and less problematic to me and everyone that has
disabling problems.

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