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Re: [Debconf-team] Question about accessibility

Luciano Bello dijo [Sat, Jan 06, 2007 at 01:25:19PM -0300]:
> El Viernes, 5 de Enero de 2007 22:14, Otavio Salvador escribió:
> > I saw the pictures and the rooms are very good, indeed. The place
> > looks ok and also since they use the accessibility as a marketing
> > thing they probable take it seriously.
> In fact, Mar del Plata was the venue in the Juegos Paralímpicos Panamericanos 
> in 2003. All the city has an important accessibility policy.

Great. And Mar del Plata is a quite nice, quiet and flat city, which
will help on this as well. On this subject, I think (having only been
there ~10 years ago, but not in Mendoza) that Mar del Plata will win
hands down. There is _big_ touristic infrastructure, and the city is
not small, so I guess connectivity and availability of anything we
might need to buy will not be much of an issue - But again, re:
accessibility: How hard is it to move from the Buenos Aires airport
until Mar del Plata for a person with disabilities? Both for the
Ezeiza-Autoparque (the two Buenos Aires airports) route and for going
by land to Mar del Plata?

When I was there, I took the train from Buenos Aires to Mar del
Plata. It was a nice, 5hr ride, much more comfortable than going by
bus. Maybe even more disabled-friendly. Does the train service still


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