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Re: [Debconf-team] Questions for bid teams: networking

Hola Moray Allan!

> Are high-speed internet connections common in the locations you propose?
> -- will getting one arranged for DebConf be routine, or require special
> arrangements?

High-speed connections over here are common up to 2 Mb or maybe 4 Mb.  More
than that is considered "special".  However, since both proposed locations 
are big cities, the "special" connection is something that is currently
used for big companies, and would not present a problem.

We are talking to all the big companies to try to get the best price.  The
difficult part is to get a high-speed shared line.  For 10 Mb, they all
want to sell us dedicated lines, which are notably more expensive than
shared lines.

> Are the hotels ready for Debian laying network cables around their
> buildings?  What requirements would they place on us in this?

Yes, both hotels have said that they are ok with us having to lay network
cables.  Since in both cases we would be the only guests in the hotel, the
only requirement would be that after we leave things stay the same as
before we arrived.

> (On a related note: how many power sockets are there in the talk/hacking
> rooms?)

There would never be enough.  In all cases we would need to add to them 
with extension cords and the like.

> Where the hotel already has networking in place, would they allow us to
> take over the network for the duration of the conference, to change what
> it is connected to and remove their normal firewall etc.?

We are still waiting to get in contact with the network people in Mar del
Plata.  My guess is that they will allow us, because they've been really
helpful and allowing, for everything else up to now.  But I can't confirm
it yet, until we speak directly to the people in charge of their network.

In Mendoza, the hotel network is currently limited to 4 computers, so we
would need to do the work ourselves.  However, we can do this before the
conference (with local volunteers), so that when Debcamp starts, it's all
already there.

Besos,          ,''`.
       Marga   : :' :
               `. `' 

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