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Re: [Debconf-team] Question about accessibility

On 1/7/07, Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@gwolf.org> wrote:
Great. And Mar del Plata is a quite nice, quiet and flat city, which
will help on this as well. On this subject, I think (having only been
there ~10 years ago, but not in Mendoza) that Mar del Plata will win
hands down. There is _big_ touristic infrastructure, and the city is
not small, so I guess connectivity and availability of anything we
might need to buy will not be much of an issue

I'm not sure what you mean about Mar del Plata winning hands down.
Mendoza is also a beautiful city and it's bigger (4th largest as
opposed to 7th largest), and there are ramps for wheel-chairs on
practically every corner. The main disadvantage is that the hotel is
not directly inside the city, and that it's a bit smaller than the one
in Mar del Plata.

- But again, re: accessibility: How hard is it to move from the Buenos Aires airport
until Mar del Plata for a person with disabilities? Both for the
Ezeiza-Autoparque (the two Buenos Aires airports) route and for going
by land to Mar del Plata?

I'll get in contact with the bus agency to find this out.  I expect
them to have accessible buses, but it never hurts to confirm this.

When I was there, I took the train from Buenos Aires to Mar del
Plata. It was a nice, 5hr ride, much more comfortable than going by
bus. Maybe even more disabled-friendly. Does the train service still

I'm not sure which would be more accessible, we would need to
investigate both to find out.  The train service still works, and is
cheaper than the bus. However, to go to Mar del Plata, you'd still
need to take a bus to the train station and wait there for the train.
It seems to me that a direct trip from the airport to the hotel is
more comfortable (less waits).


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