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Re: [Debconf-team] Question about accessibility

"Margarita Manterola" <margamanterola@gmail.com> writes:

>> - But again, re: accessibility: How hard is it to move from the Buenos Aires airport
>> until Mar del Plata for a person with disabilities? Both for the
>> Ezeiza-Autoparque (the two Buenos Aires airports) route and for going
>> by land to Mar del Plata?
> I'll get in contact with the bus agency to find this out.  I expect
> them to have accessible buses, but it never hurts to confirm this.

Usually disabled people has problems to take a bus when coming to a
city because the volume of ludge they bring together. You all probably
remember how many ludges volumes I bring every Debconf with me.

Is difficuilt to go to a bus with that. Usually a taxi is a best

>> When I was there, I took the train from Buenos Aires to Mar del
>> Plata. It was a nice, 5hr ride, much more comfortable than going by
>> bus. Maybe even more disabled-friendly. Does the train service still
>> work?
> I'm not sure which would be more accessible, we would need to
> investigate both to find out.  The train service still works, and is
> cheaper than the bus. However, to go to Mar del Plata, you'd still
> need to take a bus to the train station and wait there for the train.
> It seems to me that a direct trip from the airport to the hotel is
> more comfortable (less waits).

By plane again?

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