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Re: [Debconf-team] Re: questions for the local team: talks and bofs


On Thursday 20 April 2006 16:16, you wrote:
> > I agree with scraping it (because of the 24h problem) but I want to
> > remark that we will (need to) setup a cable link to the parlamentary
> > tower for the video team. There is even money in the budget for it :-)
> Umh... I'm not sure if this will be possible. First of all, it's
> almost a 300m shot - a single cable will not do, 

Arg. I thought we would need a long power cable to the tower and somehow 
forgot about network...

> you will have to  
> repeat the signal at least once, and we cannot put our equipment in
> the middle. 

why? and are you sure there is _no_ way^wbuilding or something similar ?

> Second, we cross one road and one area where it's not easy 
> to get to the roofs. 


> Third, we didn't ask for permission, and we won't 
> have access to work in the tower until a day before Debianday IIRC. 

Oh! I thought you asked for permission to setup cables everywhere we need 

> In 
> short: If you have a way to do this, we might get the needed
> authorization... But it's quite messy. 

/me nods

> Isn't a dedicated wireless link 
> enough for your needs? We could set up two links between the hotel and
> the tower, one for general traffic and one for video team. 54Mbps.

If we put the encoding server somewhere else (then in the tower), we would 
have to stream raw dv, thats 25mbit _constantly_ (afaik). (Putting the 
encoding server in the tower would give the same problems, as we'll have 
talks elsewhere.)

Also note that this 54mbit is "marketing brutto" :-) The available bandwidth 
depends on a few things and some might change... (interference with other 
networks, esp. when they're in use, weather, etc)

That said, I also have not other option than wireless and setting up _one_ 
(out of then two) encoding servers in the tower. We'll talk about this in 
tonights video irc meeting.

> > Sorry, I dont understand what you mean here :(
> We might get an overflow of people for some (few) talks. It would be
> an interesting solution if you could make a bidirectional live stream
> from the tower to the hacklab, so we have a videoconference.

Sure, if we stream live to the world (which we will also discuss tonite), we 
surely can stream to the building next door :) Still I rather would prefer 
bigger rooms as a solution, because watching on a projector is not the same.


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