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Re: [Debconf-team] Re: questions for the local team: talks and bofs


On Tuesday 18 April 2006 22:50, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> On the down side, there are two reasons _not_ to have the video team
> set in the tower: First and foremost, the tower will have a wireless
> link to the rest of our areas, so directly storing in the RAID will be
> impossible. Second, we won't have the space available 24h, only during
> work hours. So... Scrap it :)

I agree with scraping it (because of the 24h problem) but I want to remark 
that we will (need to) setup a cable link to the parlamentary tower for the 
video team. There is even money in the budget for it :-)

> Agreed... What do you video guys think of setting a simultaneous
> exposition in the hacklab room (VC-like) 

Sorry, I dont understand what you mean here :(

> to reduce the congestion in 
> case we have talks with over 60% interest among our population. Few
> talks achieve that popularity, but we should be prepared...


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