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Re: [Debconf-team] Re: questions for the local team: talks and bofs

Holger Levsen dijo [Thu, Apr 20, 2006 at 03:03:16PM +0200]:
> > On the down side, there are two reasons _not_ to have the video team
> > set in the tower: First and foremost, the tower will have a wireless
> > link to the rest of our areas, so directly storing in the RAID will be
> > impossible. Second, we won't have the space available 24h, only during
> > work hours. So... Scrap it :)
> I agree with scraping it (because of the 24h problem) but I want to remark 
> that we will (need to) setup a cable link to the parlamentary tower for the 
> video team. There is even money in the budget for it :-)

Umh... I'm not sure if this will be possible. First of all, it's
almost a 300m shot - a single cable will not do, you will have to
repeat the signal at least once, and we cannot put our equipment in
the middle. Second, we cross one road and one area where it's not easy
to get to the roofs. Third, we didn't ask for permission, and we won't
have access to work in the tower until a day before Debianday IIRC. In
short: If you have a way to do this, we might get the needed
authorization... But it's quite messy. Isn't a dedicated wireless link
enough for your needs? We could set up two links between the hotel and
the tower, one for general traffic and one for video team. 54Mbps.

> > Agreed... What do you video guys think of setting a simultaneous
> > exposition in the hacklab room (VC-like) 
> Sorry, I dont understand what you mean here :(

We might get an overflow of people for some (few) talks. It would be
an interesting solution if you could make a bidirectional live stream
from the tower to the hacklab, so we have a videoconference.


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