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Re: [Debconf-team] Re: translation for intel talk

Amaya dijo [Mon, Apr 17, 2006 at 06:47:44PM +0200]:
> > The translation is quite expensive, its another thing to care
> > about...I would suggest somebody to do it as gwolf said, or maybe move
> > that talk to debconf and leave a free space in debian day...I think I
> > can still find some spanish talk to fill the space.
> I also volunteer to do simultaneous translation, as a backup for gunnar
> if he gets tired (this can be really tiring, even just an hour talk). 
> But, still there is a couple of issues:
> 1 - I guess the equipment is going to be really expensive anyway.
> 2 - I hope my (Spanish from Spain) accent is ok for the audience.

Yes, it's tiring. And yes, I will greatly appreciate your help -
Anyway you are _much_ more professional in this regard than
me. Regarding the equipment: Could Intel rent it? Oaxtepec has it, but
it is not cheap (I don't recall the numbers, just the fact).


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