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[Debconf-team] translation for intel talk


after cutting breakfast and limiting ourselfs to 240 ppl we have some
spare money. 

I also exchanged several mails with the intel person who was intending
to do translate the intel talk to spanish. We noticed that he never did
that before and would prefere to go for the save "one sentence at a
time" approach instead of the syncrounous translation. I also got a
a hunch that this talk would go pretty belly-up in that case.

I think it would make intel happy and increase the overall
impression and quality of debian-day if we hired a pro and syncrounous
translation equipment for that talk. could you please make those

in unrelated news i am going for germany today for a week.

i will try to attend the irc meeting on monday (when is that?).

please mail me about the time of the meeting, please. I hope mail will

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