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Re: [Debconf-team] (no subject)


* Thomas Bliesener <nospam@melix.com.mx> [060410 23:23]:

> > I would not suggest bringing large amounts of cheese, as it can become
> > sandwiches for the customs people :)
> Large amounts of goods (e.g. t-shirts or CDs) are always considered
> suspicious. (Ask RMS who lost most part of his GNU t-shirts in the
> customs.) I don't want to remember when I forgot to declare 2000 Debian
> CDs ...

Joerg and me will bring each one box of DVDs for DebianDay.  IIRC in
each box are 120 DVDs.  Could that be a problem?  Should we send them
via mail? (Don't worry, still 4 weeks left, even UPS could bring them in
time while making a wrong turn through paris...)

Yours sincerely,


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