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Re: [Debconf-team] who is missing from registration?

Andreas Schuldei dijo [Tue, Apr 04, 2006 at 05:26:44PM +0200]:
> Hi!
> i just now try to find all the people who are missing from our
> confirmed list. people i found so far were some intel people (who
> give talks at debian day and bofs at debconf), a netapp guy who
> wanted to come, the aruba engineer who wants to set up the
> network and some people who's flights we sponsor but who have not
> confirmed yet.
> can we make sure that everyone who has travel sponsorship is registered? 
> can you guys think of more people we should not do without?
> the goal is to catch all those missing people NOW before we set
> any boundaries (like "no more then 240 payed attendees"), then
> reach that mark by letting late people in, and THEN finding such
> people that we *must* have, being pushed over our budget
> constrains.
> please think hard.

I'd like to reseerve some rooms for locals that will be helping us -
Yes, as it has been shown, locals are way too sloppy sometimes, but I
feel we will thank them for the time they can give us. How many? I'm
not sure... But some ;-) 

Of course, not for everybody, but for people that I have already
talked with and I know are interested in participating, might become
more interested in Debian, and will in general become useful. This is
not an open invitation for $random_mexican just to crash in.


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