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[Debconf-team] Panic mail...

We have *exactly* 30 days to debconf....(8 of them are weekend)

This is a list of things Ive found that still not finished...

 1. visas for some people comming

 2. budget incomplete - what is missing? can any budget expert check that and give a list of missing

 3. money still not allocated --> possible more sponsorship delivered
    people needs time to organize their lives usually and tickets geting more expensive.

 4, trip - where are we going decided? archeological place?  :)

 5. no shirts being printed
    5.a still not designed
    5.b pixel girl..MIA

 6. no costs for the proceedings
    6.1 how long the print of the proceedings would take?

 7. internet ...
    we *need* it the 6th may, how many days before we should call to tell the provider to install?
If we should pay for 1 month at least, can we have it installed the 25th april? so they cut it the
25th may when everything is over....and we have some extra time just in case something happends?

 8. are we having formal dinner? what about some mariachis song?  ;)  maybe mexican hats and
mariachis could be inspiration for the shirt....

9. Wheel chair for handicapped people - we had some strange plans about this topic

10. howto get oaxtepec! with clear pictures, prices, recomendations, etc etc.

11. Phone where foreigners can call if they got lost...I think this is very important. Maybe we can
just have somebody's mobile phone...or get one only for debconf.

12. Are we having enought electricity for all? there was some limit about this topic...

Thats all for now,

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