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Re: [Debconf-team] COMAS keeps on resetting passwords

> (11:07:04) Ganneff: no passwd set, your passwd is NULL
> (11:07:20) Q-FUNK: argh
> (11:09:47) Q-FUNK: what would cause this, though? password exceeding 8
> characters? username with an hyphen in it?
> (11:09:59) Ganneff: dont know (yet)
> (11:10:05) Ganneff: just looking into pg query log
> (11:10:16) Q-FUNK: ok
> (11:10:53) Ganneff: it explicitly set passwd = NULL in the query.
> (11:11:09) Q-FUNK: ouch
> (11:11:10) Ganneff: i think gunnar has a typo somewhere in the
> processing of the input

Well, just explaining :)

I modified the system to be flexible, to be able to be used for
different conferences' needs - I think you entered at some point the
account data edition screen (you did, didn't you?). We don't handle
the password at that point, but as it was blank, sometimes(?) it just
passed as a null value. Which, of course, it should not.

Anyway, if it happens again, I'll keep searching.


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