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Re: Debconf 6 during the Linuxday in Germany

David Moreno Garza dijo [Tue, Oct 18, 2005 at 11:41:17PM -0500]:
> Why am I feeling your mail is pretending to put DebConf6 as the "evil"
> event which will take DDs out of Linuxday? If I send the same
> "sensitive" mail to the Linuxday organisers, will they kindly move their
> schedule? Why are we the bad boys?
> PS. 12'000 people? Really?

I don't think he's doing this wrongly - We have few things tying us to
this date - Once Beatriz answers me, we will know if we can move one
week. Linuxtag _IS_ big. We cannot just ignore it. If we cannot move
Debconf, so be it - But we should at least try.


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