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Debconf 6 during the Linuxday in Germany

Hi guys, 

I managed to subscribe to this list (yeah). I'm really interested in doing
some work for the debconf, but I have one big problem. The currently preliminary
date is during the Linuxday in Germany. That is real problem for me. The
Linuxday is propably the biggest linux event in germany. The Debian booth is
traditionally one of the best visited opensource booths and is normaly
populated with very much dds and maintainer. I think last year we had nearly
30 people that were also on the debconf that visited the linuxday some as
speaker on the debianday (it would be very sad if all DDs are at the debconf
and nobody is able to speak on the linuxday) or as boothmembers. The linuxday
is visited from nearly 12.000 people. I don't think its fair from us to
ignore them and to do the debconf on the same day.

As a second problem some of us have to represent there companies on the
linuxday and would have no chance to join the debconf. 

So I would really ask you to do the debconf on another date. 

Best wishes

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