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Re: Oaxtepec news: Formal quote / menus

On Fri, 2005-10-07 at 00:47 -0500, Rudy Godoy wrote:
> > > Latter we can have a better (word by word translation) but I didn't
> > > understand some ingredients name since they are so mexican that no one
> > > but them understand :D.

> > Like which ones?

> nopales (google has some interesting pictures of this heh)

This is mostly cactus pads. They are very tasty on traditional dishes,
sliced on small strips. They are very slimy. You vegans (or not) should
try them with lemon and salt :)

> elote (looks like corn)

Yeah, it's corn.

> chilaquiles 

This is a very traditional dish, especially for all of us who wake up
hungover on weekends :) It is just like tortillas that are cut in strips
or broken into pieces and topped with a sauce or layered, casserole
style. Chilaquiles are frequently eaten as a breakfast food.  One
traditional variation mixes the tortillas strips with freshly scrambled
eggs, roasted chiles, and/or grilled meat.

> tinga 

Tinga is a basically a stewed pork dish (or chicken), cooked with a
chipotle sauce and most commonly served on tostadas (flat dried
tortillas). A chipotle is a dried jalapeño with a wonderful, smokey

> chambarete

Stewed beef shank. Personally, don't like it :)

> ejotes

I think these are called 'string beans'. These are common on some kind
of traditional soups or salads.

> chicharo


> betabel


> jicama

Probably my favourite vegetable. I think they call this Mexican yam

> <something> re/sofrito(s) (probably this is some kind of overfried)

I don't know cooking terms in English, honestly, but 'refrito' means
roughly 'heavy frying'. 'Sofrito' means something 'light frying'.

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