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Re: Oaxtepec news: Formal quote / menus

El d�04/10/2005 a 10:44 gwolf@iiec.unam.mx escribio ...

> Gah... This list server does not like me :( I sent this mail ~ a week ago...
> Anyway, here it goes (from a different place):
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> Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 00:26:05 -0500
> Subject: Oaxtepec news: Formal quote / menus
> Hi world!
> Let me redirect your attention this way:
> http://gwolf.org/files/debconf/oaxtepec_quote.pdf
> http://gwolf.org/files/debconf/oaxtepec_menu.pdf
> http://gwolf.org/files/debconf/oaxtepec_vegetarian_menu.pdf
> And please, remember my report [1] some weeks ago.
> I'm sorry, I only got this in Spanish... If somebody can help
> translating this, help will be most welcome.

Just to be brief. Mexican food has a lot of meat, chicken and cheese
in their plates, its mixed with vegetables and potatoes. They do also
have pasta variants. Quite different from Brazil though (just for
Latter we can have a better (word by word translation) but I didn't
understand some ingredients name since they are so mexican that no one
but them understand :D.

The normal menu:
- juice or milk with cornflakes or yogurt with fruits/cornflaks

- eggs in many variants
- fried chicken with sauces
- mixed cheese with tomatoes and potatoes salad
- bread with bacon and cheese

includes bread, butter and honey


- salad: mostly boiled or fresh vegetables
- soup: mostly of vegetables (some with milk)
- main dish: roasted meat/chicken with rice and other additions
- dessert: ice cream/gel/bananas/chocolate

- boiled pumpkin/fruits/salad
- soup: very light/simple ones (as oppositte to the ones for lunch)
- main dish: fish/chile/pumpkin with beans/beans with some meat
- ice cream/boiled rice with milk/banana

Vegetarian menu:
- orange/tomato/pine apple juice
- mixed fruits/yogurt (with honey)/melon with cheese[0]
- gluten (served as typical plate)/beans/spanish eggs/eggs with
  mushrooms and potatoes

- fruits/broccoli and pumpkin salad/spinach with onion salad/pine
  apple  salad
- vegetables only soups/pasta/beans/soja based meal/spanish paella 
- boiled rice with milk/banana with cheese/lemon ice cream/gel

- soups: a bit "heavier"[2] but ok
- main dish: beans/pumpkin with cheese/rice with mushrooms
- dessert: watermelon and peach/lemon icecream/gel

Oh and they serve free bread, butter, coffee, tea, fruits juice with
any of the options

0,1- those looks kind hilarious :D
2- with more additions like legummes (very good for protein source ;)

Gunnar, those options are fixed? I mean they'll serve only them. I
think for vegans we can arrange with some ingredients from both, but
specially from the vegetarian, and try to set "alternatives" so they
can eat properly and not get bored. I don't know how they take


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