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Re: Oaxtepec news: Formal quote / menus

David Moreno Garza dijo [Fri, Oct 07, 2005 at 01:13:08AM -0500]:
> > <something> re/sofrito(s) (probably this is some kind of overfried)
> I don't know cooking terms in English, honestly, but 'refrito' means
> roughly 'heavy frying'. 'Sofrito' means something 'light frying'.

Frijoles refritos is... Well, "frijoles" is beans. It is not just
overfrying - It is mashing them until they become almost like a
puree. Some people add water to it so it is almost like a soup (I hate
it). I like it quite solid. Well... I am one of the proverbial beaners
- I love frijoles in almost any shape ;-)

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