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Oaxtepec news: Formal quote / menus

Gah... This list server does not like me :( I sent this mail ~ a week ago...
Anyway, here it goes (from a different place):

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Subject: Oaxtepec news: Formal quote / menus

Hi world!

Let me redirect your attention this way:


And please, remember my report [1] some weeks ago.

I'm sorry, I only got this in Spanish... If somebody can help
translating this, help will be most welcome.

Lets go to the yummy things first: Food will be served basically
a-la-carte. The regular menu looks quite varied - As for the
vegetarian menu, it looks OK, but vegans will get fed up quite
quickly. I think we will be able to arrange something with them to
make life better for vegans (as for what I see, they would be stuck
with _ONE_ food option for each day of the whole conference - Not very
exciting!), although with minor modifications it can be easily
solved. I have had lunch at this restaurant, and -even if it's not
tremendously exciting- it's quite nice. You will be happy to know that
most dishes _don't_ look too hot, so you european/gringo sissies will
not suffer from unusually high levels of capsaicin [2].

Now, about the third file, the quotes:

- Prices are in pesos. Peso has been quite stable, although we are
  getting close to the elections, and -even if analists don't say so-
  it might go down during the year. We Mexicans will be very pissed if
  it happens. As of today, one US dollar is 10.87 pesos, one Euro is
  13.07 pesos.
- A quick translation for the tables: "Alimentos" means
  food. "Desayunos" is breakfast. "Comidas" is lunch. "Cenas" is
  dinner. "Instalaciones" means the work areas - "Laurel" and
  "Amaranto" are one of the modules I called "work rooms". "Equipo
  adicional" means they will hire us the sound equipment for the
  auditorium - I asked for it for two days, as it will only be used
  for Debian Day. "Total a pagar" means "total to pay". The total
  amount to pay will be MX$666,896 (we were joking... Does this mean
  we will formally incorporate Debian GNU/kFreeBSD during Debconf6?
  Didn't we have enough HEL already?) We have to leave a warranty
  deposit of 10%, so the grand total to pay according to this proposal
  is MX$744,585.60 (US$68,499.13, EUR56,969.05)
- I asked for a lodging distribution based on what we had this
  year. If we get more people, the cost for the extra rooms would
  remain the same, given they have enough availability (which is,
  IMHO, a given, as Debconf will be just after vacations). As for
  food, the restaurant always prepares 10% over the requested
  number. If we expect more people, we have to notify at least with 10
  days of advance so they get their supplies.
- Page number six is quite important: Contract policies. I'll do my
  best to translate this after the notes.
- They quoted us only one of the two available work room areas
  (Laurel+Amaranto). I think we will be much more comfortable with the
  second one as well, so we should add MX$42448 (US$3905, EUR3247) for
  that. Shit, there goes our nice 666K ;-)


1. Payment method
  - Bank-certified cheque or cash
  - Credit card (will cause an extra 4.5% for the client because of
    the bank's commission)
  - Direct deposit in the bank (account information)
  - Bank transfer (account information)

2. Payment policy
  - 10% at contract signature time (to reserve and block the spaces)
  - 40% 45 days before the conference
  - 50% 10 days before the conference

3. Total cancellation policy
  - 45 days before the conference: no charge
  - During the 45 days previous to the conference: 10% of the total
  - During the 15 days previous to the conference: 50% of the total
  - During the 10 days previous to the conference: 100% of the total

4. Partial cancellation policy (within the 10 days previous to the
  - A partial cancelation means up to 25% of the hired rooms. In this
    case, a 25% of the total cancelled rooms will be paid.
  - In case of a NO SHOW (rooms paid for, not occupied and not
    cancelled), the total amount for the rooms, food and drink asked for
    will be paid.

5. Rooms assignment
  - It will be carried out in the Vacational Center according to the
    arrival order and availability. Room occupation starts at 15:00
    and ends at 13:00

6. Rules
  - By signing this contract, the Debconf Conference Group coordinator
    accepts to completely accept the internal rules for Centro
    Vacacional IMSS Oaxtepec

7. Master account
  - It will be the Debconf Conference Group coordinator's
    responsability to assign one or more coordinators who will have a
    signature in the master account, acknowledging the totality of the
    expenses authorized by them.

8. Activity program
  - We require, with 10 days of advance, the detailed program, list of
    participants, date and time of arrival for the optimal
    organization and quality of our services.

9. Deposit
  - We require a warranty deposit, which will be given back to you in
    a period of 10 working days (if there are no broken or missing
    things caused by the group during their stay).

  On 5: They will happily get our help in assigning rooms :)
  On 6: I still have not read or received the internal rules... But
        anyway, only I have to accept them ;-) This means, I go to
       jail, you get two weeks of unl1m173d P4R7Y! ;-)

And before I forget: Some answers for ASCIIgirl's questions (in
private mail):

- As for the ramps for disabled people: Most (by far) of the locations
  we will use are accessible. Some are not, and sadly, there is no
  realistic way of fixing that. Imagine pushing somebody up this
  height [3]: Not really feasible. I spoke with Otavio - I expect him
  to attend, and probably no more than three disabled people in
  total. We can work out a schedule with them, tagging which
  conferences are most interesting for them and having them at the
  work rooms instead of the parliamentary tower.

- Wiring: We can set up wires, and in fact it will be quite easy to do
  so in most of the areas, as most major areas are connected by
  walkways with roofs [5] we can use to pull wires through. Besides,
  I have talked with a friend who gets his daily job setting up large
  wireless networks (he has covered important portions of a city), and
  he is quite enthusiastic to help us - he even says he has enough
  equipment to do this. We need also to get network access - Claudia
  is working towards a sponsorship agreement with Telmex, Mexico's
  largest connectivity provider... Hope for the best ;-) (in any case,
  we have plan B and C)

- Schedule for meals: This is not authoritative, but anyway... They
  have the restaurant open mostly all the day, so I'd expect food
  times to be flexible.

- Post-dinner snack: I don't think we should ask them for this - They
  had offered us coffee service, but it was way too expensive (similar
  to another meal). All meals they serve are also... Well... Served -
  this means, they have to put a person to hand out the portions of
  food. Having that after 8PM would mean paying double salary to this
  person. I am confident we can come up with something better.


[1] http://gwolf.org/index.php?gadget=blog&action=single_view&id=95

[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capsaicin

[3] http://gwolf.org/index.php?gadget=phoo&action=view_image&id=513&albumid=13

[4] There is no [4]

[5] http://gwolf.org/index.php?gadget=phoo&action=view_image&id=489&albumid=13

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