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Re: Will pre-recorded only talk be accepted for DebConf22?

Hey Kentaro

On 2022/03/28 16:40, Kentaro Hayashi wrote:
The important point of the above idea is just collecting talks and archiving it.

Yes, it is an important Q&A session with a remote presenter, but it
doesn't focus on it.

Anyway, it seems that it is hard to do such a thing at this time.
Thank you for thinking about it.

Another alternative is to insert it in the video loop and play it at some time before talks start (and perhaps again 12 hours later). This might also make things a bit more interesting for others attending remotely. There won't be a live/questions component to it, but if you're around you could still interact via IRC.

It's not something we've done before with an in-person DebConf, but it might be a way to get some shorter talks streamed during the DebConf event.


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