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Re: Driving from France to Prizren: visa requirements

Martin dijo [Mon, Mar 21, 2022 at 11:04:04AM +0000]:
> That's exactly what I plan to do: HS train to Munich, wagon-lit to Rome,
> regional train to Bari, ferry to Durrës, bus to Prizren. The much
> cheaper and faster alternative is a direct flight from my home village,
> but it is too expensive in terms of carbon emission. Maybe we meet in
> Rome or Bari — their street pasta is famous :-)

I had already decided not to do any transatlantic flights during this
year, mostly because I have an internationally unsupported set of
vaccines (chinese CanSino and USA Moderna). But... I cannot say I am
not considering it over and over (and over and over...). It is quite
possible I will appear somewhere in Europe; so far, I think the most
convenient route is air trip to Tirana (of course, with a plane change
somewher in Central Europe) and bus from there...

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