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Re: DebConf20 registration is now open (with caveats)

On Fri, May 22, 2020 at 03:51:09PM +0200, Giovanni Mascellani wrote:
> Freedom is a right, but has to be used responsibly. The virus is still
> out there, people are still going to the hospital and to the cemetery
> because of it. We still lack proper treatments and vaccines, and as far
> as I know there are no strong results on acquired immunity yet. So, as
> soon as we resume exposing people to each other as before, numbers will
> start to grow again. A few places already had to reinstate confinement
> rules after removing them, because they realized that the spread was
> restarting as before.
> I believe that it is good to allow some mobility, so that people can at
> least meet their families and close friends. It is a risk, but one that
> in some sense we need to take, in order to avoid other worse
> psychological damages. But meetings should remain as small as possible,
> and as geographically confined as possible. Organizing conferences with
> hundreds of people coming from all over the world is, in my opinion,
> irresponsible: you give the virus the best conditions to spread as much
> as possible, stirring different strains and defeating the acquired
> immunity different world regions might develop. Totally a bad idea, if
> you ask me, even if legally possible.
> I am sorry for the organizing team, who for sure has poured a lot of
> energy and dedication into DebConf20. They deserve all our gratitude and
> they have all mine. I know it is disappointing to see their efforts
> wasted, but in the current situation I don't think it is responsible to
> physically meet from all over the world. It's not just about the risk
> each individual attendee would accept to take: it's the risk our whole
> communities take (particularly the vulnerable ones, from the health
> viewpoint) when individuals allow the virus to spread.
> I hope that Debian does not organize any non-local physical meeting this
> year, although I am sad this has to happen.

+1 on everything, well said.

Sadly we should not let people organize a conference in our name, with our
funds, using our ressources at this time.

For those not following -vote@l.d.o: also see


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