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Re: Announcing the elephant in the room BOF

Shachar Shemesh <shachar@debian.org> writes:

> On 02/08/2019 17:36, Louis-Philippe Véronneau wrote:
>> As I'm sure we all know by now,
>> this issue is sensible and I'm sure a bunch of people wouldn't have felt
>> free to talk if this had been videoed.
> I'm sorry, I feel like I'm missing something very basic here. At the 
> very least, it seems that I don't understand something that you find 
> obvious.
> Why is this issue sensitive (I'm assuming "sensible" was a mistype)?

Just have a look at the responses to this thread, and the other messages
that have been posted. I even had someone call me what they thought was
a derogatory name in a private email, and then pretend to kill file
me. Obviously they were a bit sensitive, based on their hilariously
childish behavior.

> Why would people not feel free to talk had this been videoed?

There are a million reasons why people might feel this way. If you don't
that is fine, but some people don't feel comfortable talking freely at
debconf at video sessions when the content is purely technical (I've
been to almost 10 debconfs, and been part of the discussions on this
list and organizing, trust me, i've seen it all). Why don't people want
to do that? One reason I've heard cited is because they do not want to
have themselves broadcast to the internet, regardless of the

Now consider when it is a sensitive subject that results in people
sending you insults in email, I can imagine why someone might not want
to speak their mind on video, if they are going to be targeted by some
individual who cannot handle themselves like a reasonable adult,
especially if you mix in some zeal and propaganda.


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