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Re: Announcing the elephant in the room BOF


On 02/08/2019 9:48, Shachar Shemesh wrote:
> On 30/07/2019 21:04, Sam Hartman wrote:
>> 1) The reasoning behind Social Contract #3 while not directly applicable
>> influenced my thinking. We don't hide problems.
> What I still don't understand regarding that BoF session was why it was
> done with no video streaming and no recording. If our purpose was to not
> cover over problems, why not allow wider distribution of the session itself?
> That decision made it much harder to participate remotely (I ended up
> connecting through what I assume was Tzafrir's laptop). For a session
> about a debconf organized by people most of whom were not present in the
> same continent, that is a problem.
> And in the end I heard that some people were displeased that even that
> low grade connection existed.

In retrospect I think I have misunderstood the purpose of the meeting
and that there was no need for remote participation of other members of
the Haifa local team, given that it made some people in the room a bit
more uncomfortable and that there was already a long queue of speakers
at the BoF.

I was originally under the impression that some more people outside this
project will be in the talk.

That said, I do have full confidence in both Jitsi and Shachar and don't
consider this talk as recorded and practically as not broadcasted.

(I opened a room in Jitso.org and sent it by mail to several people of
the local team. In practice only Shachar joined. Lior Kaplan tried to
join but failed to get audio, and left).

-- Tzafrir

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