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Re: [Debconf-discuss] RVC to CdM by bike?

Quoting Gunnar Wolf (gwolf@debian.org):

> Thanks for this information - The first thing I thought was, hey... I
> bike quite confidently in Mexico City. How harder can Montreal be? But
> then again, Sherbrooke seems to be a main city artery, and people have
> a different mindset, where cyclists are expected not to be in certain
> street types, or whatever. So, I will try not to be over-confident,
> and thank you for your help! :-]

Aha! Even in Sherbrooke you will find the traffic in MTL sooooooo
peaceful. What the locals call a "busy dangerous street" is probably
something you'd call  a very quiet street in Mexico City.

You know, over there, pedestrians even *wait* for red traffic lights
for crossing the streets even when there is no car 1 mile away (and
I've been told by "this guy" that you'd better follow this strange
local habit unless you want a local policeman to fine you).

Of course, the above paragraph doesn't apply to fellow german and
swiss Debian contributors who are already used to such strange

(yet another opportunity to say "hi" to fellow Debconfers)

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