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Re: [Debconf-discuss] RVC to CdM by bike?

znoteer@mailbox.org dijo [Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 10:32:55PM -0400]:
> Here is a route I would probably take if I were doing that ride so I
> could stay on the cyclable route. (I'm local, so I won't be staying
> at RVC :) ) (It's the first time I've used umap, so I hope this
> works)
> (...)
> I hope this might give you some ideas on how to make the ride.  Bike
> routes are constantly evolving in this city, so if something on the
> ground doesn't match what I've suggested here, use your good sense
> to try and find the way.  Most if not all of the third route should
> also be on bike ways.

Thanks for this information - The first thing I thought was, hey... I
bike quite confidently in Mexico City. How harder can Montreal be? But
then again, Sherbrooke seems to be a main city artery, and people have
a different mindset, where cyclists are expected not to be in certain
street types, or whatever. So, I will try not to be over-confident,
and thank you for your help! :-]

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