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Re: [Debconf-discuss] RVC to CdM by bike?

If I can add from my experience from riding all year around in Montreal,
if you're used to a european city, the streets here are exceedingly
wide. Moreover, drivers over here for some reason seem to hate driving
on the rightmost lane (it's also often used for parking, with about 1 to
1.5m left for bikes).

As a result, I usually feel pretty safe riding, including on big
arteries like Sherbrooke. Just keep an eye out for cars coming from
behind and those turning right at intersections.

My 0.02CAD

On 08/01/2017 11:30 AM, znoteer@mailbox.org wrote:
>> Le 31 juillet 2017 à 23:23, Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@debian.org> a écrit :
>> znoteer@mailbox.org dijo [Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 10:32:55PM -0400]:
>>> Here is a route I would probably take if I were doing that ride so I
>>> could stay on the cyclable route. (I'm local, so I won't be staying
>>> at RVC :) ) 
>>> (...)
>>> I hope this might give you some ideas on how to make the ride.  Bike
>>> routes are constantly evolving in this city, so if something on the
>>> ground doesn't match what I've suggested here, use your good sense
>>> to try and find the way.  
>> Thanks for this information - The first thing I thought was, hey... I
>> bike quite confidently in Mexico City. How harder can Montreal be? 
> True enough, from what I've seen in movies (I've never been to Mexico, and movies speak the truth and reality, anyway, right ?!? ;¬) ) traffic in Mexico City can be crazy.  I'm also more cautious than when I was younger.  I would have taken Sherbrooke in days past (even on icy winter streets), and to hell with the cars; I have as much right to be there as they do, afterall.
> So, as they say, ymmv from what I said in my previous message.  Go according to what you're comfortable with: skill level and willingness to be cut off and pushed to the side by cars, etc.
> Let me know how it goes if you take Sherbrooke.  Keep in mind that traffic will be considerably reduced during DebCamp.  But, come the 6th or 7th, the period of the construction vacation ends and people in many industries will be back on the city roads.  
> Good luck with bixi.  I was a subscriber for two years.  It's a convenient service, but you will get a good workout.  The bikes are built solidly and are thus on the heavy side.  Be aware that you can't always get one when you want one, and sometimes when you get to your destination, there are no empty bays in which to leave your bike, so you have to ride around looking for a nearby bixi station with available bays.  The app is supposed to tell you how many bikes and how many empty bays each station has, but the count is not always accurate.
> I look forward to meeting you!
> znoteer
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