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[Debconf-discuss] Impersonating my wife and daughter

Hi folks,

those who are at DebCamp noticed that I'm running around impersonating
either my wife or my daughter.  Both can not attend DebConf due to
different reasons but really liked to be here.  To enable both to be
at least here virtually I'm always carrying some images of them where
you could pick from and impersonating them like you can see here:


(that's actually the most funny realisation of the idea so far ;-) ).

If you are interested to help me making my most favourite women happy
feel free to approach me.  I'm just sending this mail to make my
explanation a bit shorter in case I approach any attendee to do me
the favour impersonating one of them. ;-)

See you for photo shooting


PS: I'm shamelessly advertising my talk
    which gives more details why my daughter is looking Asian while
    my wife and me don't.


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