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Re: [Debconf-discuss] How to go to Cáceres via Madrid

+++ Ana Guerrero [2009-03-10 14:15 +0100] forwarded:
> The best way is going via Madrid airport. Once in Madrid, get a train or a 
> bus to Cáceres.

For those travelling within Europe using the train the whole way
should be seriously considered. This site is really helpful for
planning: http://seat61.com/. It primarily tells you how to get from
the UK to places, but the info is useful for a good subset of other
journeys in the western end of Europe, and explaining generally how it
all works and what is available).

The Train usually takes a bit longer but is much nicer view and
treatment, you can sleep overnight for part of the way and you can get
laptop power. The carbon footprint is in the order of 40 times lower
(insert huge pile of caveats about fullness of vehicles, high-level
emission factors etc, but definately 'much better' however you argue

It does usually cost more (but not much if you get in early), and
booking is more complicated for longer trips, sadly (your bahn.de
country office is a really useful resource - it knows the prices,
unlike their otherwise-excellent website).
seat61+bahn.de+raileurope.co.uk seems to be the only way to book
optimised routes online, which is highly crufty.

Do take a look, and don't just default to the plane through laziness
and ignorance - the time for that sort of behaviour is passed.

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