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[Debconf-discuss] How to go to Cáceres via Madrid


Forwarding private email about how to go to Cáceres. Any comment for localteam
people is welcome.

I do not know how to go from the bus/train station in Cáceres to the 
venue or the student residence, but this part of the trip is not important


You will see that the closest airport to Cáceres is the Badajoz airport, 
it is about 100 km far, it has only a few national flights and they are 
very expensive. So it is not a real option.

The best way is going via Madrid airport. Once in Madrid, get a train or a 
bus to Cáceres.

- Train
From the airport get the metro to "Atocha Renfe".  There are only 4-5 trains
every day from Madrid. It might change for July but you can not check the train
schedule until 2 months before.
The trains take ~ 4 hours and depending of the train you take, prices start
from ~ 45 euros round trip.

- Bus
From the aiport get the metro to "Mendez Alvaro". In this metro stop there is 
a direct exit to the "Estación de autobuses del Sur" (South's bus station).
Company going to Cáceres is called "AUTO RES" (it belongs to a transport group
called AVANZA).
There are 6-7 buses every day from this station to Cáceres. They take usually
a bit less than the train (between 15-40 min) and price is between 40-45 euros 
round trip.


- Metro de madrid http://www.metromadrid.es
- Spanish trains, RENFE: http://www.renfe.es/
- Bus company AUTO RES/AVANZA http://www.avanzabus.com/
- Madrid South Bus Station http://www.estacionautobusesmadrid.com/


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