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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Registration for DebConf9 opened

Steve Langasek dijo [Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 12:38:33AM -0700]:
> The General tab includes a "Daytrip" question, but no information has been
> provided about the daytrip.  I've accepted the default on my page for now,
> but I don't think you'll have meaningful results for this question without
> first providing some more information (in particular:  what will the day
> trip be, how much is it going to cost attendees out of pocket, how much is
> it going to cost the conference org).  Is there an intent to provide such
> information at a later date, and to reset people's answers in penta to 'no'?
> (..)

Well, there is the intention to provide a daytrip, but we are quite
far (relatively) from the confernce, and there are many other, more
important and more pressing, concerns to address. Historically we have
addressed daytrips quite close to the conference, so... Yes, you are
right, information should be provided. But this information might as
well be a "we will inform you in due time" page.

As for the Penta information... The field is there, and it does not
accept blanks, so I did exactly what you say you did. But yes, maybe
the field should be killed/hidden until relevant information is
available. I'm filing a ticket on our RT.


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