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Re: [Debconf-discuss] How to go to Cáceres via Madrid

Quoting Gunnar Wolf (gwolf@gwolf.org):

> Given this information, both ways seem equivalent - Is there a reason
> to prefer train over bus or viceversa? Giving more options is usually

C02 footprint..:-)

(well, one can admit that after flying for hours, the C02 footprint
difference is fairly minimal, but still...)

I was personnally considering going to Caceres by train from Pais for
that reason. I was believing that a Paris-Lisbon night train was still
existing (with stops in Extremadura...) but I'm apparently wrong.

So, a train journey from paris to Caceres being about 24 hours, I
think I'll be lame and will just fly to MAD....Sigh.

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