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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Registration for DebConf9 opened

On Mon, Mar 09, 2009 at 10:57:27PM +0100, Holger Levsen wrote:
> Registration for DebConf9 opened
> --------------------------------

> After you logged in
> -------------------
> After you successfully logged in, please fill in at least the 'General',
> 'Contact' and 'Travel' tabs reachable through the 'Registration details'
> button on the bar on the left of the page. Please pay special attention to
> the 'DebConf' and 'DebCamp' boxes on the 'General' tab. You need to select at
> least the "I want to attend this conference" checkbox or your registration
> won't be valid.

The General tab includes a "Daytrip" question, but no information has been
provided about the daytrip.  I've accepted the default on my page for now,
but I don't think you'll have meaningful results for this question without
first providing some more information (in particular:  what will the day
trip be, how much is it going to cost attendees out of pocket, how much is
it going to cost the conference org).  Is there an intent to provide such
information at a later date, and to reset people's answers in penta to 'no'?

I would personally add that, given the current economic circumstances, it
might be reasonable to consider forgoing the day trip as a formal event
within DebConf.  I gather that sponsorship has already been tight as of the
previous DebConf owing to sponsors tightening their belts, and it might be
wise for us to consider doing the same.

OTOH, I also say this as someone who has already seen much more of Spain
than would fit in a week of day trips, so feel free to take my comments with
a grain of salt. :-)

> Attendees that register late (after April 15th) will need to pay at least
> the Professional fee (EUR 300).

May I ask why this is?  Late planners are already hit with the double
penalty of higher plane ticket prices and ineligibility for sponsorship; is
there some inherent reason that it's less possible to permit free attendance
for those who plan later?

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