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Re: [Debconf-discuss] How to go to Cáceres via Madrid


Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Ana Guerrero dijo [Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 02:15:35PM +0100]:
>> (...)
>> The best way is going via Madrid airport. Once in Madrid, get a train or a 
>> bus to Cáceres.
>> - Train
>> From the airport get the metro to "Atocha Renfe".  There are only 4-5 trains
>> every day from Madrid. It might change for July but you can not check the train
>> schedule until 2 months before.
>> The trains take ~ 4 hours and depending of the train you take, prices start
>> from ~ 45 euros round trip.

I would like to add train timetable webpage[0], you might want to get
tickets in advance for your way.

[0] http://www.renfe.es/horarios/english/index.html

>> - Bus
>> From the aiport get the metro to "Mendez Alvaro". In this metro stop there is 
>> a direct exit to the "Estación de autobuses del Sur" (South's bus station).
>> Company going to Cáceres is called "AUTO RES" (it belongs to a transport group
>> called AVANZA).
>> There are 6-7 buses every day from this station to Cáceres. They take usually
>> a bit less than the train (between 15-40 min) and price is between 40-45 euros 
>> round trip.

Same on bus transportation[1]

[1] http://www.avanzabus.com/web/?lang=en

> Given this information, both ways seem equivalent - Is there a reason
> to prefer train over bus or viceversa? Giving more options is usually
> welcome, but it is also nice to say "you'd rather come this way" :)

I guess either way is just fine (if else somebody can correct me), it
depends on your timetables.

Kind regards

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