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Venues (was: bid deadline)

Hi Allison (2014.09.14_15:03:17_+0200)
> UCT is definitely our best option, but we should make sure we gather
> full information on STIAS for the bid. It really strengthens our bid to
> have two strong contending facilities, and budget comparisons between them.

Hilton, CCed, originally suggested STIAS to me. I don't know if he has
the contacts to get pricing for us.

Hilton: Context: About a year ago, I discussed our vague plans for a
DebConf bid in Cape Town, with you. There is some discussion happening
on this list [0], and a bid being prepared on the DebConf wiki [1]. If
you're interested, please dive in.

[0]: https://lists.debian.org/debconf-bid-capetown/
[1]: https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf16/Bids/Cape_Town

Neil also works for Stellenbosch University, but is presumably rather
busy with pycon.za right now.

> Another option at UTC I was looking at today is the Breakwater Lodge:
> https://www.uct.ac.za/services/communication/conferences/
> http://www.breakwaterlodge.co.za/
> The venue has a main hall for with seating for 220 attendees, and
> additional rooms with seating for 120 (x2), 70, and 50. The Lodge has
> 191 rooms with rates of R450/night for a shared room (USD 40/EUR 30),
> which is within the debconf range.

Sounds about perfect. I'd never even considered of that venue, assuming
the waterfront would be unaffordable for DebConf.

> We'd need approval from some UCT department to host an event at Breakwater.

Graham, can you rustle any interest in your faculty?

> With the Breakwater we wouldn't be tied to vacation time, so could
> propose a more typical schedule for debconf in the last two weeks of
> August. Also, the weather will be better the closer we get to September.

Apparently rain is fairly flat from June to August
although the temperatures are getting better by August.

> There are some other things we can drop from that preliminary budget too
> ("Apple developer license"?). I'm guessing some of these budget numbers
> came from another event?

I rearranged the sheets a bit, that was from a TEDx.


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