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Re: bid deadline


I'm still willing to do a site visit, I am reluctant to specify a time/date, as I have the most flexible time schedule. If someone wants to join me, they should please suggest a time.
Otherwise I can go sometime this week.

Graham, Marc and I have been thinking that UCT is really our preferred choice. We have lots of contacts there, I have done events there before and know the procedures to get amazing internet, and a lot of things will be free, that we would have to pay for at stias. Seeing that we're aiming to get a lot of free attendance, I think this is a major factor.

I will try to spend some time setting up a budget sheet on google docs, working from my past experience as well as the debconf reports, and see where we stand with required funding.
I will also try find out a bit about residence accommodation at UCT, as I think that's another potential benefit of being at UCT... 

I am working on the July vac as a most suitable time, any objections?


On Sat, Sep 13, 2014 at 7:50 PM, Nattie Mayer-Hutchings <nattie@decadent.org.uk> wrote:
Hey folks,

It's just come to my attention that this year the deadline for submitting
the bid is a month earlier than in previous years, at the first of December
rather than the 31st.  While this does free up the Christmas period
somewhat, it also means that we ought really to get cracking.  Exactly how
far along a bid has to be at submission time isn't fully established at this
point, but is currently being discussed.


As far as I can tell, only two potential venues have had anything like a
closer look online yet: Stellenbosch and the Chrysalis Academy, and neither
of them have yet had a site visit.  Is anyone willing to do those relatively
soon?  I'm kind of on the wrong continent, alas.

Has anyone thought of any more venue suggestions?  How many people should go
on the site visits?  I would suggest more than one, since even with a
checklist it's easy to miss things if one goes alone.



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