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Re: Blanking/Formating a BD-RE

Joerg Schilling wrote:
Arnold Maderthaner <arnold.maderthaner@j4care.com> wrote:

Yes I'm running it as root on RHEL5.1 with newest cdrecord with the  
patch that Joerg send.
Btw. after that "crash" the BD-RE drive cannot be used anymore. I had  
to reboot the system.
If you need to reboot, you found a kernel bug.....

In the sense that the kernel could detect that the drive was in a problem state and do the type of initialization which occurs at boot and device probe time. There are other things possibly involved.

The kernel just passes commands, so the application might be sending some command (not "wrong," just different than what the Windows application uses) which locks up the firmware. To test you could leave the system up and power cycle the drive (plug and unplug power cable). Unlikely, but not impossible. You could call this an application bug or a firmware bug, but if power cycle of the drive clears it, it is likely to be firmware response to the command sent. If the kernel passes the application command to the device, it's reasonably hard to see this as a kernel bug in the usual sense.

It would be good to know what command the Windows application sends to do the same function, it would help clarify the nature of the problem, and obviously the solution.
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