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Re: Doesn't wodim close disk ?


some rather technical contribution:

> Track State:           invisible

This means the track was not closed but contains


dvd+rw- mediainfo.cpp reports "invisible"
if in the reply of MMC command READ TRACK INFORMATION
neither the RT bit nor the Blank bit is set.

I read in MMC-5 
" Track Status: RT, Blank, Packet, and FP Bits"
about DVD+R :
RT=0 : The Logical Track is the
       invisible/ incomplete fragment.
RT=1 : The bounds of the fragment are defined
       within the Disc/Session Identification
Blank=0 : Some non-zero number of writable units
          within the Logical Tracks is written.
Blank=1 : All writable units within the Logical Track
          are blank.
and in 3.1.39 "Incomplete/Invisible Logical Track"
On a writable disc that implements a sequential recording model,
a Logical Track is Incomplete if:
a) It is open,
b) It has a known start address, and
c) Although its maximum length is limited only by the medium capacity,
   the Logical Track has no defined length.
If the append point (NWA) of the Incomplete Logical Track is equal
to its start address (i.e. the Logical Track is
blank), the Logical Track is Invisible.

So i would call RT=0,Blank=0 "incomplete"
rather than "invisible".

Whatever, if the track was closed, then its bounds
would be defined and RT would be set.
On the other hand the drive should not issue info
about two tracks if there is only a half one. :o)

The difference between the Linux system and the OSX
system could as well be about differences in the
drives (if it is different hardware at all).

A DVD-ROM drive will probably feel tempted to
take "invisible" or "incomplete" literally.
After all, the size of the first track is not
finally decided yet.

If it is important to make a particular DVD+R
complete then one could try to issue an appropriate
CLOSE TRACK command on that media.

I know that cdrskin will not do that on a track
which it did not open in the same program run.
(One could implement -fix and then try.)

It might be helpful to do what man growisofs
proposes for unclosed media with closed tracks:
  growisofs -M /dev/dvd=/dev/zero
But, well, it might also make the media unusable
on any drive.
One would have to try.

Have a nice day :)


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