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Re: Linux problems

Bill Davidsen <davidsen@tmr.com> wrote:

> You claimed the Fedora "cdrecord" hasn't been updated, that it doesn't 
> support cuefile= which it does, and when corrected, instead of saying "I 
> didn't know that" in a rational way, you say it is a bastardized 
> version, which has nothing to do with why your software didn't work either.

You keep repeating your wrong claims and you repeat to send useless rants.
Fedora definitely does not come with a useful program under the name "cdrecord".
I _explicitely_ mentioned that cdrecord added support for writing VCDs in 
December 2006, but Fedora comes with something that is worse than a 2 year old 
cdrecord version. Fedora does not care about their users....

In December 2006, I did verify that writing data from vcdimager using
cdrecord curfile= works perfectly. Any child would be able/willing to explain
_what_ exactly it did when trying to write a VCD. You did only write useless
generalized claims that cannot be verified at all.

You did just spend your last chance and used it to verify that your only 
intention it to troll in this mailing list. You do not seem to have any problem
as people with real problems behave in a cooperative way....

I will really need to ignore until you mamaged to become the adult person you
have been a few years ago. 


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