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Re: "logical unit communication failure" c2scan NEC ND-4550A 1.07

Matthias Andree <matthias.andree@gmx.de> wrote:

> I need something to quote to the guys if it turns out to be really a
> Linux bug that has been unfixed for years.  In case you need help
> interpreting my post: I'm not ruling out yet that Linux has a bug here
> (and at first glance it seems Linux is the culprit), but I need to be
> sure before approaching someone with a report.

As it did not help, I did give up to take the Linux development for 
serious long time ago.

Putting effort into people who are mot responsive ist a wast of time.

> > And you have even been a a witness of one related case: THe Linux
> > people do e.g.  refuse to investigate in the Linux kernel problem that
> > results in bastardized SCSI commands on the way from libscg to the
> > drive. So please don't tell me that you are not aware of the problem.
> I haven't seen a list or sample of affected commands, only nebulous
> "look at XYZ to see for yourself".  That's too scarce to reproduce.

It is mot my fault when Debian removed the related Bug entry from their
database exactly on the day when I tried to use it as a proof.

> > OK, if you are not interested in further investigation let us conclude that
> > you like to stop this conversation.
> You can of course quit the discussion anytime you want, you have no
> contractual or legal obligation to investigate. I'll figure things out
> by myself, it may take a bit longer though, but who cares. The issue is
> not urgent.
> The conclusion I'm not interested in a solution is false though.

If you are interested, then stay serious!

If you don't like to tell us whether you use a 40 or 80 wire cable, you 
only pretend interest but really are not intrested in a solution and
only interested in disseminating bad feelings.


> > > That remains to be investigated.
> > 
> > Wrong: obvious things do not need to be investigated.
> I'll decide myself what I consider obvious, and given the Linux and BSD
> backends of libscg aren't identical, nothing is obvious here.

Well, if you are missing the needed knowledge, you should better believe
other people.

cdrecord/libscg only tell the Linux kernel _what_ to do.

your problem is caused by the way _how_ it is done.


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