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Re: DVD+RW says 'No Medium Present'

2) What could have caused this in the first place?

Are you sure that it wasn't a media defect on that particular disk? How many discs got wasted? One? I mean can you really confirm that *every* time you let Pinnacle burn a DVD+RW, the disc is rendered 100% useless?

Yeah, I burned 3 disks of a 5 pack, same problems with all of them. Took the last 2 and used other software, they worked fine. And then they're are the other half-dozen users with the same
problem, all using different brands of media.

Wow! But one way or another if unit says "no media," there is hardly anything you can do. "Hardly anything" is just a polite form for "*nothing*."

What did Pinnacle do?

If you really can reuse every particular disc multiple times *till* Pinnacle screws it up, then only Pinnacle would be able to tell what they did the do [or didn't] and resolve the problem.

Yeah, I was just hoping that maybe there was a short list of what could cause this, like
'Corrupt TOC' or 'Incorrect lead-in' or somesuch.

Well, I for one didn't even believe it would be possible to screw up media like that, but the evidence speaks for itself. No, there is no "check list," and one can only speculate what Pinnacle did or did not. But that would be sheer speculation and I see no point wasting time on it, as you won't be able to fix the software anyway (only Pinnacle can). Whatever Pinnacle does or doesn't apparently makes burner disregard pre-groove and fail to recognize media as DVD. It's nothing but bizarre and you really rather blaim on media than program [which is why I wrote "how many discs got wasted? one?"]. As already mentioned it *might* be possible to revive the media in unit of different brand, but ultimately only Pinnacle and/or NEC can help you to actually resolve this problem. A.

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