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Re: DVD+RW says 'No Medium Present'

Andy Polyakov wrote:

I've got a question in regards to a 'destroyed' DVD+RW.

The behavior I'm seeing is my DVD drive (a NEC 1100A) isn't
recognizing my media, a Philips 4x DVD+RW.

The specifics are I burned a home movie to the Philips DVD using Pinnacle Studio 9,

Keep in mind that this is a list for Unix/Linux users...

But of course! Thats why I asked here, Linux users are the most knowledgable. : ) I didn't really see it is a plaform issue for the questions I had. I was hoping that Linux
might be able to save the day.

which said it succesfully burned the DVD. But upon reinserting the DVD into
the same DVD drive, all I get is 'No medium present'

My question for you is two-fold:

1) Is there any way to recover my DVD+RW so I can use it again?

If unit says "no media," then there is hardly anything one you do. You *might* be able to reformat it in another unit of *different* brand though...

Yeah, thats an interesting suggestion, since its down in the NEC firmware/electronics where things
are failing, it sounds like.

2) What could have caused this in the first place?

Are you sure that it wasn't a media defect on that particular disk? How many discs got wasted? One? I mean can you really confirm that *every* time you let Pinnacle burn a DVD+RW, the disc is rendered 100% useless?

Yeah, I burned 3 disks of a 5 pack, same problems with all of them. Took the last 2 and used other software, they worked fine. And then they're are the other half-dozen users with the same
problem, all using different brands of media.

What did Pinnacle do?

If you really can reuse every particular disc multiple times *till* Pinnacle screws it up, then only Pinnacle would be able to tell what they did the do [or didn't] and resolve the problem.

Yeah, I was just hoping that maybe there was a short list of what could cause this, like 'Corrupt TOC' or 'Incorrect lead-in' or somesuch. Getting Pinnacle to acknowledge anything is pretty tough, which is why I've been pursuing things myself. It sounds like there are DVD devices that can scan almost any disc, but they cost a lot of money. Is there such a thing to setup a virtual DVD+RW on my hard drive that I could let Pinnacle burn too, and then examine that, maybe?

Using other programs like Nero or DVD Decrypter,  I can burn fine
with the same media/DVD drive.

^^^^^ Same media *brand*, not same disk, right? That is the question you should ask yourself. A.

<nods> Well, thanks for your help. I think its pretty much in Pinnacle hands, I'm just looking into
things out of curiousity more than anything else.

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