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Re: Problem using a TEAC DV-W22E withdvd+rw-tools/cdrecord-prodvd/dvdrtools.

>From: "Julien Gabel" <jpeg@thilelli.net>

>> Why do you like to stay with a broken OS and as a result not being able
>> to use youe hardware?

>Because this is a _release_, and running the -CURRENT (CVS) version
>seems to me more dangerous than staying with this version. Note that
>the release may be buggy for some part (as for the point here) but not
>for others. Other than this particular problem, I'm very happy with
>this FreeBSD-RELEASE. But I understand your point of view.

Fact is that you like to use this kernel for CD/DVD writing.

As (beacause of named bug) your kernel is absolutely unusable, you have to 
decide whether you like to keep the broken kernel of whether you like to
write CD/DVDs.


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