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Re: DVD+RW says 'No Medium Present'

I've got a question in regards to a 'destroyed' DVD+RW.

The behavior I'm seeing is my DVD drive (a NEC 1100A) isn't
recognizing my media, a Philips 4x DVD+RW.

The specifics are I burned a home movie to the Philips DVD using Pinnacle Studio 9,

Keep in mind that this is a list for Unix/Linux users...

which said it succesfully burned the DVD. But upon reinserting the DVD into
the same DVD drive, all I get is 'No medium present'

My question for you is two-fold:

1) Is there any way to recover my DVD+RW so I can use it again?

If unit says "no media," then there is hardly anything one you do. You *might* be able to reformat it in another unit of *different* brand though...

2) What could have caused this in the first place?

Are you sure that it wasn't a media defect on that particular disk? How many discs got wasted? One? I mean can you really confirm that *every* time you let Pinnacle burn a DVD+RW, the disc is rendered 100% useless?

What did Pinnacle do?

If you really can reuse every particular disc multiple times *till* Pinnacle screws it up, then only Pinnacle would be able to tell what they did the do [or didn't] and resolve the problem.

Using other programs like Nero or DVD Decrypter,  I can burn fine
with the same media/DVD drive.
^^^^^ Same media *brand*, not same disk, right? That is the question you should ask yourself. A.

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