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Re: Fuji Film DVD's don't work with growisofs and sony dru500

>  Andy> It's totally up to you. Either would do the job. growisofs
>  Andy> doesn't let you just close the media without filling it up,
>  Andy> because DVD-ROM compatibility of such media would be
>  Andy> permanently limited (see dvd+rw-tools page for details). You
>  Andy> either have to close first session with -dvd-compat option or
>  Andy> fill the media up if you've missed -dvd-compat in first place.
> If you did not see my last message it basically said that no growisofs
> command would finalize the dvd disk.

OK, I had a closer look at mediainfo output and can see the problem. But
I see rather firmware problem, than growisofs. Indeed (from your
previous letter):

>  Disc status:           appendable
>  Number of Sessions:    1
>  State of Last Session: incomplete
>  "Next" Track:          1
>  Number of Tracks:      2
>  Track State:           complete
>  Track State:           blank
> [ and note that there was no FABRICATED TOC ]

This is an impossible state. If track#1 is complete, then "Next Track"
field in DISC INFORMATION should be 2. The fact that there was no
FABRICATED TOC most likely means that there was no Lead-in recorded (you
could have observed it by flipping the media, observing surface hue and
comparing it with some other previously recorded media). But the fact
that track#1 is reported complete means CLOSE TRACK was issued and
apparently succeeded [at least partially]. And CLOSE TRACK is followed
by CLOSE SESSION which should have recorded Lead-in. As you maintain
that there were no errors reported this means only one thing: firmware
was confused already after CLOSE TRACK and didn't report error
condition, but left media in formally impossible state. And firmware
update made it possible to access and salvage the media in such state.
> I guess there is an incompatibility with "growisofs" and the sony
> dru-500a drive that does not allow disk finalization.

I'd rather say that it was a firmware glitch with that particular media
brand/batch. Unless you can confirm that the problem persists now even
after firmware update, I see no reason to modify growisofs [as this case
still appears as standalone mishap, not inherent problem]. But if you
can confirm that it's still a problem, do confirm it explicitly so that
the problem can be looked into it thoroughly.

> Another point of interest. When using growisofs, or loading the
> non-finalized disk it sounded like the dvd drive was knocking. I
> thought the drive was broken when I heard this sound.

Most commonly you hear "knocking" sound when unit have hard time
calibrating. I find it hard to believe that it has something to do with
any particular application, it's totally between media and firmware. A.

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