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Re: Fuji Film DVD's don't work with growisofs and sony dru500

>>>>> "Andy" == Andy Polyakov <appro@fy.chalmers.se> writes:

 Andy> It's totally up to you. Either would do the job. growisofs
 Andy> doesn't let you just close the media without filling it up,
 Andy> because DVD-ROM compatibility of such media would be
 Andy> permanently limited (see dvd+rw-tools page for details). You
 Andy> either have to close first session with -dvd-compat option or
 Andy> fill the media up if you've missed -dvd-compat in first place.
 Andy> A.


If you did not see my last message it basically said that no growisofs
command would finalize the dvd disk. Of course I was at a total lost.
After reading some of the old messages in the newsgroup, I tried

cdrecord dev=1,0,0 -fix

That worked to finalize the disk initially written by growisofs, and
DVD disk now works in the sony DVD player now!!!

I guess there is an incompatibility with "growisofs" and the sony
dru-500a drive that does not allow disk finalization. Below is
the new media info output. This shows the last session complete. The
previous output the last session was incomplete before "-fixing" the
drive with cdrecord-dvdpro.

Another point of interest. When using growisofs, or loading the
non-finalized disk it sounded like the dvd drive was knocking. I
thought the drive was broken when I heard this sound. I found out sony
makes a windows utility to test this drive. Will pull it out again and
try it out in windows. Wish these utilities were written for dos,
Linux, or something easy to install. Maybe one day.

I used the tip in the dvd+rw tutorial about unloading and reloading
sr_mod in order to detect the unfinalized disk. Found out that if I
did not do this I would get the media not found error with

$ dvd+rw-mediainfo /dev/dvd
INQUIRY:                [SONY    ][DVD RW DRU-500A ][2.0h]
 Mounted Media:         1Bh, DVD+R
 Media ID:              RICOHJPN/R00
 Current Write Speed:   2.0x1385=2770KB/s
 Write Speed #0:        4.0x1385=5540KB/s
 Speed Descriptor#0:    00/2295103 R@2.4x1385=3324KB/s W@2.4x1385=3324KB/s
 Speed Descriptor#1:    00/2295103 R@2.4x1385=3324KB/s W@2.0x1385=2770KB/s
 Media Book Type:       A1h, DVD+R book [revision 1]
 Legacy lead-out at:    1959888*2KB=4013850624
 Disc status:           complete
 Number of Sessions:    1
 State of Last Session: complete
 Number of Tracks:      1
 Track State:           complete
 Track Start Address:   0*2KB
 Free Blocks:           0*2KB
 Track Size:            1959888*2KB
 Track#1  :             14@0
 Track#AA :             14@1959888
 Multi-session Info:    #1@0

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